Gymnastics Club Manager

Nick Ruddock recommends Gymnastics Club Manager

Since you were referred by Nick Ruddock, you'll receive £100 cashback when you start receiving payments online via the system from your members.

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Terms and Conditions

Size of referred club                  Commission  
100 - 250 active members          £250.00  
251 - 500 active members          £500.00  
501 - 750 active members          £750.00  
751+ active members                  £1,000.00  

An active member is defined by a member that is paying for their class fees.   The commission would be paid one month after the first payment cycle (ie. the first time the club requests and receives payment via the system), assuming the club have collected over 75% of their fees and at least 75% of the amount collected was paid online via the system.  The reason for these percentages is a) to show the clubs intent on using the system and b) shows the clubs intent of taking payment online (by PayPal or GoCardless via the system).